Sound decisions

“Are we still on the right track?” “Do we work on the right priorities?” “What’s our corporate story?”

Important questions for you being an entrepreneur or business leader. Questions too important to be postponed for too long. Tough questions as well, sometimes drowning in daily business.

IJ Consulting addresses these questions attentively, closely working together with you. Within limited time you’ll gain clear and thorough insight. You’ll make well-founded decisions and act confidently.

IJ Consulting has been grounded on the thinking power of Marianne Janssen. As your sparring partner she aims for healthy growth, taking both you and your business into account.

About Marianne Janssen


A town along the water inspires. That’s what the Amsterdam IJ does, day after day.

Curiosity and the urge for learning and understanding drive me in personal and professional life. Thirty years of experience in international consultancy and management ground me as a broad and sound professional.

My questions are deep and I listen attentively. Sharp observations, logical thinking and clear wording add to that.

“With the open view of the engaged outsider I always see possibilities.”

I studied mathematics, specializing in statistics, with a thesis at Nedcar (former Volvo Cars). Then I moved from statistics to business administration, to consultancy, to P&L line management, to professional supporting staff, to board member and finally to independent entrepreneur. I worked in manufacturing, professional services, public and financial services and for more than 10 years in international technology business.

Typical questions I can help you with

  • What’s the best approach to realize my growth ambitions?
  • Will this ambitious project really help us to solve our main problem?
  • Time urges, how do we come to a well-founded joined decision?
  • Are we still on the right track?
  • Gradually we have lost sight on our purpose? What’s again our corporate story?

How we work together

Your aim and your question are leading. I add what you need to make proper decisions and take well-founded action. You have the knowledge, I disclose and unravel. You decide and act. My participation therefore is always limited.

Starting our working together, preferably I use time limited and clear-cut projects. Usually in two or three, short but intense, workshops we’ll come to results. Then you decide and act.

In case you would like to have support with next steps I stay your sparring partner.

Deliverables and benefits

Well-founded growth strategy. Grounded transition plan. Quitting activities that don’t add value. Sound assignments on key positions.

Relaxed, alert and confident leadership.


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Get in touch

Do you have a puzzling question yourself? Are you open to a ‘short and sweet’ approach? Do you aspire insight, decisions, action and flowing energy? Give me a call or drop me a note.

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